Anne Nora Fischer & Anna Moderato

1988 & 1984, The School of Language, Space and Scale Skolen for Sprog, Rum og Skala & The School of Sculpture Charlottenborg & Billedhuggerskolen Charlottenborg

– Because everything is so…

– So pointy.

– Point, point, point on point.

– But this is a bit round.

– But this is like, all the lines go in to go out.

– One, two, three, four.

– Actually, I think I’m sure.

– Okay, can we also say that these ones are also the first and second and third and


– In three: one, two, three.

– Okay, I won’t be a part of that one, but you can choose then.

– But you were already a part, you have pointed five times.

– I can also agree on that.

– Mmm.

– So then we’re five.

– Me too.

– What?

– That’s the vote.

– But I don’t know.

– But if that’s the method you choose, so be it.

– But then the other option is that you choose this one and then it’s a dictatorship.

– But could we say, maybe, or for example, I am fine with all of them except this one.

– Me too.

– And maybe we can in that sense…

– Yeah.

– Yeah.

– Mhm.

– Yes.

– I agree.

– That’s good.

– Not this one.

– Not this one, but the three of them. Yes.

– Hmmm… mmmm… mmmm… Not this one.

– Okay.

– I would take out this one.

– Mhm.

– And I this one.

– Yes, exactly.

– And this one..

– And this is like..

– It’s okay.

– I would definitely want the second one in first, please.

– I pull myself from taking the decision on that.

– One, two, three, four, five. Now we have five. Or maybe six with Isolde.

– I haven’t decided. Sorry. But I like this one.

– That one is really nice.

– Olivia that is actually yours.

– I thought I chose this one.

– No. We chose these two.

– In general, I must say that I don’t fully know why I like it.

– I enjoy this a lot because it knows.

– Mm, I agree.

– It’s like a firm suggestion.

– Mmm.

– How come, how come, you feel these two are trying to be quirky? How is that seen?

– Because that’s so much…

– Because of these little like, hmmmmouu.

– But, do you, I’m not sure you can be aware of so many quirkinesses.

– Of course it has like this movement. But it also feels like it knows, it knows it has

this movement.

– It’s a little too straight, still for me.

– But in comparison this is more straight.

– No.

– Yeah, okay cool.

– Yeah.

– Yes that’s fine.

– I choose this one.