Anabela Veloso

School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices

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circled word

circled (2022-2023)
Video installation, environment
Video, sound, 18:44 min., looped; soil, engraved wood, wooden spoon, paper bags


The interactive installation circled presents a space divided into three moments: a video documents a narrative, a mound of soil suggests a gesture, and bags which are an invitation to a future gathering.

circled can be contemplated or activated. Through accepting the invitation to scoop some soil, pour it into the bag, and keeping it, the work becomes activated. It asks for a modest gesture that implies exchange of care while suggesting a creation — even if just in the mind — of an alliance. Veloso explores ways of relating, healing, and caring, emphasizing not only humans but more-than-human beings. The soil that is taken requests nurturing from the one who took it.

To be circled brings to mind being surrounded or being the one that surrounds. The durational piece presented here continues until January 2023, when a collective ceremony will occur — circled, around. The ceremony will happen in the cinema of Kunsthal Charlottenborg for those who took the invitational bag.


circled_screenshotStill from video



Ken Karen scoopKaren scooping some soil


circled (2022)*
Risograph booklet with silkscreen covers


circled, the essay, talks on relations and care, giving a few examples of attempts on how to relate; it also suggests ways of relating to the reader (either through my Anabela’s past works or her thoughts). Except for “mapear” (the introductory chapter), the chapters are independent of each other. 


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Thank you to the academy’s staff for the support either technically or critically: Carla Zaccagnini and Maibritt Borgen, Silas Emmery, Lars Folke Grenaae, Ulrik Heltoft, Oskar Koliander, Lars Kristensen, Magnus Lyng, Stephen McEvoy, Daniel Olivares, Steven Zultanski

A big thank you to all the amazing humans that temporarily lend their hands to circled:  Filipa Afonso, Marina Dubia, Cris Ferro, David Grønlykke, Seraina Grupp, Hong Hong, Ken Hovgaard, Miao Luo, Oscar Lyons, Anne Sofie Skjold Møller, Susana Nunes, Cecilie Penney, Maria João Pinto, Alzira Rego, Sofia Sá, Daniel Sousa, João Veloso, Sara Vicente, Jiawei Zheng

Anabela Veloso (1992) is an artist relocated from Portugal, living in Copenhagen/Malmo. Her current practice and research delve into relationality and the responsibilities within it – understanding where and how something lives to suggestively create, speak and listen together. Anabela uses the social, the self, and the environment as ecologies for relationality to expand or work inside circles of relations.
She holds a MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts under the school of Conceptual and Contextual practices, a Minor in Art, Writing and Research and a BFA from the Oporto Faculty of Fine Arts. She had exhibits and performances in Portugal, Austria and Denmark standing out: Afgang2022 – Kunsthal Charlottenborg (2022), Spaces (in) Between– Thorvaldsens Museum (2022), The Lure of the Local – Kimen Ørestad, Memory Play – Ustillingsstedet Q-Copenhagen (2020), Lighting up – Tanzquartier Wien-Vienna (2015), Colectivo – Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art-Porto (2014).


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