Paula Duvå




In this photographic series, Paula Duvå positions the viewer in the context of the sky, yet her intentions are not about cloud formations, rather it is to challenge one to take a closer look at hidden structures we may not be aware of. Duvå offers the viewer a horizon line that can be viewed as sentences read from left to right, or right to left. The mood appears calm and neutral although it is only a façade as one begins to realize this narrative foreshadows something more to come. Within this repetition of photographs mysterious gestures appear, alluding to some kind of movement or a presence existing in the atmosphere which we just missed seeing. Identifying who or what created these strokes interrupting the space can only be interpreted through speculation. Is the sky a place we can control?  Who has the right to draw lines in the sky? Who is the killer machine responsible for the trauma that will be caused?