Christian Vindelev


More than observing reality, Christian Vindelev’s artistic practice is part of it. He reconfigures pre-existing objects and subjects, playing around with concepts and feelings floating in society. Acting with conventions and systems, Vindelev brings details of the everyday life to a poetic level, showing hidden meanings and options for observation. The idea of how a composition can be viewed from multiple angles emerges in several formats in his body of work: sculpture, objects, stories, details, gazes and thoughts become a totality of fragments in dialogue as an almost literary stage.


Broken narratives are composed through fragmentation, memories and projections. If his series of model houses offer almost the abstraction of real life, an image of gathered material through years in a basement presents the specific human content of the same reality. Objects and images, physicality and poetic gestures define a kaleidoscopic complexity opening the artistic practice to thoughts and feelings.


Text by Index Stockholm


Installation view
Membrane (grandmothers basement)
Life (Like reading, but in reverse)
Life (Like reading, but in reverse), detail
Life (Like reading, but in reverse), detail
Secondary Worlds
Secondary Worlds, detail