Ellis Achong Karker

1989, The School of Sculpture Billedhuggerskolen

Ellis Achong Karker

A Coloured Image of the Sun

Sound Design: Marc Breidfjord

Music: Mathias Savery

Contrary to our experience interstellar images show the colour of the sun to be white. It is only when looking at the sun through the atmosphere of the Earth that it appears to be yellow or orange. Our Earthly perspective distorts reality.

In A Coloured Image of the Sun Achong Karker explores how emotional states can bring about a sense of otherworldliness, a sense of reality being dissolved and contorted leaving only gravity to hold on to. We see an abandoned car containing opaque clues to actions that have previously taken place. The mysterious atmosphere of unanswered questions is emphasised by the soundtrack of sci-fi music, harmonious string compositions, recordings of wind, rain and car sounds among other not clearly identifiable reverberations. Images and sound constitute separate elements, each with their own temporal condition creating an asymmetrical relationship between them; through this disjointing of sound and images multiple versions of the piece are generated, emphasizing a flow of moments. A Coloured Image of the Sun composes a highly charged landscape where images and sound linger in a space between memory, reality and fiction, an endless voyage for meaning reaching for closure that is constantly deferred. Achong Karker explores how fiction constitutes and taints our reality in the same way our worldly view gives colour to the sun.