Siska Katrine Jørgensen


Siska Katrine Jørgensen (f. 1991)                                                                                                


Cast in turmeric root, the sculpture of a grinder presented by Jørgensen forefronts the gradient of textures existing within one solid shape of turmeric root. The most roughly ground turmeric is at the bottom of the sculpture, and it becomes gradually finer towards the top, managing to hold itself together while seamlessly comprising different states of material. The grinder that served as a model was found as an image online, suggesting that the entire endeavor is based in a very traditional sculptural methodology of transforming a 2D image into a 3D shape. In order to cast the sculpture, the grinder’s shape was simplified so that focus is on formal, sculptural gestures. The turmeric’s presence is commanding, with its strong color and distinct smell which makes the casted machine appear solid in its materiality.

What happens when color becomes mass? Pigment is no longer a thin layer attached to the surface but instead used as a sculptural casting material. Layers of surfaces are compressed onto each other so that the color becomes solid matter. Jørgensen’s practice is based on deciphering the relationship between shape and material through sculptural language-scapes. Using things and circumstances from both daily life and industry, the notion of dissolution and a staged/performed process is always present in the work—either concretely, as when sculptural elements dissolve, or in the more abstract sense where the work’s form, material, or the context makes the figurative elements become formal gestures or abstract shapes. For Jørgensen, all the intuition, silent knowledge, and material-based or bodily knowledge that she personally accumulated in this process is part of the work.

Besides the turmeric grinder Jørgensen has published the artist’s book “en form for tekst” (a form of text) consisting of a collection of notes that are closely related to the sculpture. The texts were written alongside working with the turmeric sculpture and they deal with both the sculpture’s as well as the text’s process and the reflections that occurred in that regard. You can buy it in the Charlottenborg bookstore (it is written in Danish).

fotografering af Afgang LIVE