Malene Mathiasson

1983, The Painting Department Malerskolen
Limitation and concentration are demanded by any form. Something is rejected and something else is selected in an artistic process.

What is a raw form of visual information without our propensity to transform our perceptions? Is it possible to exceed our knowledge horizon, or would it appear as pure chaos? We differentiate and connect things since constant interactions make it ideal for humans to think in contrasts. Without such comprehension everything would be unintelligible chaos.

Homo sapiens transformative mind has a double consciousness that occurs by its association, causality and conception skills. The humanly composed reality has the potential of behaving like a limited expansion that can reach abstract high levels of verifiable findings as well as pure imaginary conceptions. This peculiar ability makes unreal opportunities possible because the human brain is able to transcend reality in addition to its own reality.

Any form is an extension in relation to something else, indicating a distance to the form itself, because of our biological and in many advantageous ways of seeking the systematic way of thinking in our open limited system.

If reality cannot be recognized as it is, then humans are free in their natural inclinations to construct it into anything in its composite knowledge and ignorance. Our lack of knowledge is infinite like the coincidental transformation of everything.